Go Bold with Color (in a subtle way)

Go Bold with Color (in a subtle way)

Color can be a designers best friend yet also a worst nightmare. Finding the right balance of color for your space is key. I personally like color in bits and pieces, not overwhelming the whole space. Scroll through for examples of color done tastefully in interior design!


Add color in the bathroom with a bold painted vanity! Make it work with a classic tile patterns, black & white tile, and/or a light color on the walls. Tie in the bold color in small doses with accessories, art or even wallpaper.

If you are brave enough, make a statement by going bold with a fun colored sofa! A large piece like a sofa can add so much drama when done in a fun color. For the rest of the living room, choose a more neutral color palette with natural textures to balance out the sofa. And add a few touches of the same bold color around the room.

Use color on your walls! Whether it be a painted accent wall, painted built-in, bold wallpaper or colorful wall art, it is sure to make a statement. Keep it from looking overpowering with neutral (black, white, brown) decor, and keep colors in the same tones when using multiple bold colors.

Tile is a great way to add in a bold color (or two)! Also tile can be a way to add texture, pattern and height to a space. Tile is most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms but can also be used in a bar, laundry rooms, mud rooms, a sunroom floor, etc. Again when using bold colors, and aiming for a sophisticated look, pair it with neutrals for a nice balance or with other colors in the same tones.

Accessories like pillows, bedding, rugs and drapes are a great way to add just a bit of color, and a great way to temporarily add color as these are things that are not too difficult (or expensive) to switch out!