Summer Living Room Refresh

I was able to switch up my living room look with a few simple changes, and more importantly without spending any money! I used pale pink & green pillows on the sofa for a summer-time vibe, and added in the paisley lumbar pillow to tie in the pillows to the colors in my rug.


Larger pillows I usually keep on the bed, but I love the paisley pattern on this one so I tried it out on the sofa! It's a 24" square and my sofa is average sized at 86" so using just one large pillow looked great without being overkill.


The main switch I did was some placement changes; the old coffee table and our bench switched spots so the bench is now front & center. I added an orange ottoman (that I usually kept in the back of the living room) under the bench to tie in the colors in the rug.


I've also moved my favorite vintage chair towards the front of the room (it was my desk chair). The old coffee table is now under the gallery wall so I had to restyle it. This coffee table has always been a challenge to style because of the multiple uneven levels, but Brian loves it so we are keeping it forever, so I set one side more like a side table for the chair and the other I stacked full of books to give it height. I use books a lot in decor because we have tons of them already!


Brian decided to make his drum set a bit smaller and now we are using one piece as a side-table; he wants to still be able to use it if needed so I wasn't able to take it apart or really change it, but I did happen to have a tray that fits perfectly on top! I think its super cute as a side table and ties in all the instruments in the room.


The coffee table feels light and simple for summer with a book (acting as a tray) some votives, an incense burner, a marble coaster (because I always have a glass of water) and my pretty tin (to hide away remotes and other clutter.. you'll never see)


This desk chair is the only recent new item I've picked up... but it was free! A local restaurant was getting new chairs and gave away all the old ones for free. I love the timeless style and its the perfect size for my small desk. Also getting this chair allowed me to move my antique chair forward!


The top of my secretary desk seems to get the 'leftover' accessories... but they work well together and feel fresh & new to me. Mixing up whats paired together can give pieces a whole new look! 


I think stacks of books look great from any angle and you can arrange them in so many different ways, making books one of the most versitile home accessories. 


I brought out a pink throw blanket from the bedroom and just recently started using this tan throw on the sofa (it used to be hanging on the wall under our mantle) so to me the sofa feels much different.


Plants always get shuffled around so they get sun at different times & sometimes I end up loving them in their new spot! Like my space Lily against that once empty wall, which also helps the stool & amp not look out of place... Brian likes to leave those out near his desk, so I just gotta make them look good, right! 


I set half on the coffee table like a side table for my vintage chair using my favorite oversized vase (sometimes I have it empty or I might put a plant in it just to switch things up) and some candles sans candle holder, what what, its okay though cause they don't drip & I wanted a simple look. The pink and green candles I don't normally pair together but thought it works for summer!


The middle section of this coffee table I usually leave empty cause most things look too awkward but I finally tried sticking my oval magazine basket there and it fits so well.


I was able to make some pretty big changes, at least in my opinion, without spending a dime!


Before you go out shopping for new pieces shop what you already have, other rooms in your house or storage closets. You'll probably find a few things you forgot you had. And try using things in different ways for a new look.