Easter & Spring Decorating

Easter & Spring Decorating

This year is my first year really decorating for Easter, and it has been so much fun! Whenever I switch out my seasonal decor I seem to start with my kitchen shelf. It is a great spot to display all my cute knick-knacks and its something you see right when you come in the front door! I would recommend grouping your decorative items by theme, and have some kind of focal display either on a shelf, console table, bookcase or dining table.


I love the typical Easter pastel colors but I really don't have much pastels in my house so it was a challenge choosing the right holiday decor for my style. The only pastel color I already have is mint green in my kitchen, its the color of my everyday dishes, my fruit bowl and my storage bins under the microwave. So in the kitchen I went with an all green color theme, which worked out great mixing in more mint green and some darker greens! In my living room my rug is really the color palette of the room, which is muted blues, greens and ivory with bright orange and yellow! I had an idea of doing some pastel pink and green candles in a basket for Easter, but after sitting them in the room for a day (before removing too many tags, thank goodness) I realized they are clashing with my rug and existing accessories too much. So I switched out those candles for pale yellow/orange colored candles that do have a Spring look but can definitely be used all year round! I found an adorable orange carrot garland at HomeGoods that is perfect for Easter and is the perfect color for my living room, my accent color orange! Honestly this garland looks so good I might just leave it up until Christmas. My existing Easter baskets are super neutral, grey wire with a removable burlap liner; so I used one with the liner in the kitchen and two without the liners in the living room! When I bought them I thought they'd be the perfect basket for an egg hunt once I have kids, and the removable liner is a nice way to be able to switch up the look. I added some interest to the ones without liners by weaving in some green fern garland (that was a steal from Pottery Barn, I only needed one strand and cut it in half plus its faux so I'll be able to use it again and again). Because the baskets are so small I didn't want to clutter them up with too many small things; so I used one 6x6 candle in each of the living room ones, and one faux potted plant in the kitchen basket! 


The only Easter things I already had were three little wire & burlap baskets I got at Pottery Barn last year after Easter when they were deeply discounted! So I kept those in mind as I went out to pick up some new pieces. I try to find things that really speak to me and my personal style so I will love them for years and years to come. So as I loved all the multicolored dishes and bunnies, there was one collection of white dinnerware with green florals and bunnies in an antique style that I really fell in love with. (I love decorating with greens, I even consider it a neutral color) The only problem was there was only one dinner plate left, and I usually have four plates hanging in my kitchen; so I decided to improvise and do four different mix-and-match style plates! I choose that bunny plate I loved, a dark green cabbage plate to coordinate and a lighter green plate (that matches my existing dishes) to contrast the dark, and then a white plate that is the same style as the light green and is neutral enough that I can use it again and again! I also got some mugs to match the green bunny plate, as I always like to keep mainly dishes on my kitchen shelf so it feels more practical. Then I pulled together everything green I had around the house; candles, greenery, wine glasses etc. As I am arranging its just kinda a decide as you go, see how that looks and test different things out kinda game. Some people have an exact end vision in mind of what they want. I have more of an idea/theme and then I just play around with different things until it all looks right together! At first the white and green was a bit cold so I added in my wooden snack bowls to give the shelf some warmth (by the way I LOVE these snack bowls, we use them all the time for dry snacks like chips or nuts!) and a wooden cutting board for more warmth and some height. I usually do start with my larger items, such as a large vase, or lanterns and then the medium sized items, and finally mix in the little things like place-card holders and tea-lights to fill the empty spaces! I love finding different uses for items like place-card holders. They come in all different sizes and styles (like the greenhouse ones I have now) and can be used of course as name tags for place settings, or as photograph holders, post-card holders, to hold labels for food dishes and drinks, or just by themselves as decor like I have here! Usually I have one of these on my desk holding a small photo of my sisters and I. The greenhouses go really well with the Spring/Easter theme because they have a little nest with flowers inside, but at first the didn't quite look right color-wise with everything else I had on the shelf until I added a lantern in the same finish.


The most common Easter decor would be bunnies and eggs! I knew I wanted a few of these, but not too many since you can't really use them year-round. My green dishes in the kitchen have bunnies on them but they are very neutral. Actually the mugs could be used at for a while as on the other side they just have a floral pattern! I always have a fruit bowl out in my kitchen and thought for Easter some colored eggs would look great in it, I just needed to find some pretty fake ones that won't go bad and that I can use year to year. I found these painted wooded eggs from HomeGoods that came in three different colors (I almost bought all three) but I decided definitely to get the green and then it was either pink or blue, but I chose pink as an accent color just because it feels more Easter-ish. I got a gorgeous glass egg from Pottery Barn, that at first I had in the living room with string lights under it, which I loved but the lights made it harder to see the floral design on it, so when I did my kitchen I moved the egg into here, as there is already glass in here too, and placed a tea-light under it! I wanted a bunny for the living room, wasn't sure if for the mantle or coffee table, until I found the right one. Another HomeGoods find was this little ceramic bunny (a steal at $3!) with black accents. It was the perfect neutral bunny and the black ties in that black coffee table, and some of my frames in the gallery wall. 


So when you are decorating your home for the holidays; remember to keep in mind your existing decor, colors and style, choose some seasonal pieces that you love and will be excited to bring out every year, add some things that can be used at least through the whole season or even all year, stick to one theme per room for a cohesive look and keep the decor practical to that room!