Bathroom Update

Trying to create a better storage system in my bathroom led to me redecorating again (oops). I needed to stick to a budget so I used my own advice from my "Easy Bathroom Updates" post (which has all my before photos if you want to check out what it used to look like). So I switched out the least expensive items that would make the biggest impact. The shower curtain, bath mat and towels; plus added some new accessories and spray painted anything I could! 

The point of the spruce was to add better storage so I started by searching for a small wall shelf and some storage bins with lids. Our bathroom has a large linen closet which is great for storage, but the little door kept everything hidden so it became a disheveled mess of way too much stuff in there. The door was constantly falling off so I eventually moved it to a hall closet and the bathroom already felt larger and more open. But now all our junk was on display so I found these charcoal floral storage bins, with lids to hide everything, from PB Teen on sale! They are supper cute and come in two sizes so I got two large and three small bins. Going through everything you have and throwing out anything you haven't recently used is a great way to minimize clutter. And using contained storage bins is a great way to keep your clutter to a minimum as you won't be able to let them overflow. Large bath towels would've taken up all the space in the bins so I placed them on a higher shelf rolled up, instead of folded for easier maintenance. Higher shelves are great for lightweight soft items as they are easier to get down and won't hurt if something fell on you. Top shelves are also great for items not used as often that you do want to save, like extra bath mats or curtains. Most used items are at eye level or arms reach for easy access. Cleaning supplies should be somewhat separate from your bath products, in a cabinet or on the bottom shelf and keep them contained in bins with gloves nearby.

For even more storage I wanted a wall shelf for little items we use daily, and when I found a brass mirrored one from PB Teen I knew it would be perfect for our bathroom as I have been trying to add in more brass! It has cubbies at the bottom to hold lotions, makeup brushes, our toothbrushes, etc. and two shelves for extra small items. Using any type of wall shelves for storage is a great way to take advantage of vertical space and keep daily items close by.

I decided to go with a simple color palette of grey and white with brass and silver metals. This was mainly based on the new bins I bought and that the bathroom already had some brass and silver fixtures. For a clean look I went with an all white textured shower curtain from Pottery Barn, the white feels very sophisticated yet serene, and the waffle weave texture adds some pattern and interest. Keeping with the simple color palette I switched out my navy bathmat for a flagstone grey one. Now, other then the bins which are somewhat tucked away, there was no pattern in the room. So I chose a patterned grey and ivory hand towel to add personality to the room and got three of the same ones to spread them around! Including one in front of the shower layed out on the floor (hand towels make super cute and cheap bathmats!) Because a bathroom is such a small space it's good not to overwhelm it with too much pattern and keep it on a smaller scale.

I am renting so I couldn't change out the hardware or paint faucets, towels bars etc. that came in the bathroom. But I did change up anything I could, including spray painting the shower curtain rings and my over the door row-of -hooks, changing them from a shiny silver to a muted brass. To add more brass I found a soap dispenser with a brass pump, which is so simple but makes a significant impact. I also got a tray with matching tissue box cover to keep a few things contained on top of the toilet. Thanks to that tray and the wall shelf, the sink countertop only has two items on it creating a less cluttered and more organized look!