How to Choose a Dining Table & Seating?

Choosing the right dining chairs can be harder than anticipated. I would recommend getting a table first and then trying to find chairs that match it. In a small space it will be more difficult because you are limited size wise and don't want chairs to tall or to wide. If you have a long narrow space adding a bench or benches is a good option and bonus that it will hold more people. Style wise you want your chairs to have some similar feature as your table to tie them together. For a more eclectic look don't choose chairs that perfectly match the table, and for even more interest mix two or three different types or chairs/seating.

Below are some inspiration tables and chairs that work well together from various sources, to see my kitchen photos view 'Styling a Kitchen Shelf'.

The Parkmore table and Flora chairs work well together because they have the same vintage style and the same color wood finish. The colored velvet on the chairs adds a pop of colors and softens up all the wood.
This round table would be great for a small space or as a breakfast table. The Marble top table, leather bench and cafe chairs all work really well together with their clean modern lines and cafe style.
The Griffin dining table is very dramatic with its large rustic top and metal base, the matching bench coordinates perfectly but gives a casual vibe. Simple chairs won’t take away from the tables features, the side chairs are two toned just like the table, and the head chairs are similar to the side but all black and with arms for more support.
The round Belgian table is great for a medium sized dining space, and with it’s beautiful base and details it could easily stand alone. But as we need chairs, choosing only one style will have a more impactful look. Six high back ivory upholstered chairs will do the trick and the legs on these chairs pull in the finish on the table.
A simple round Ikea table with some bistro chairs would be great for a smaller space or an eat-in kitchen! Because the table is so simple it could work with either of the chairs or a combination of one or two of each.
This white Ikea table and colorful Target chairs will really brighten up a kitchen/dining room. Using the same chair but in different shades of blue creates a playful yet cohesive look and a white table goes with almost anything!
A dramatic glass table could easily be dressed up or down. With equally dramatic dining chairs it would look great in a formal dining room! The elowen chair has a dramatic navy velvet seat and modern brass legs very similar to the table’s legs. The side chairs are a bit more casual with a linen upholstered seat but still go because of the navy color and the brass accent on the feet.