From A House to A Home

When decorating a new space we always choose the furniture and large pieces first, but it's the small details that warm a space up and turn a house into a home. Choosing the right accessories is just as important, if not more important than picking out furniture. If you are on a budget and can't afford new furniture, spend your money in the right ways with the right accessories to make your existing pieces look even better! An old table with a new tablecloth will completely change the look, or an old sofa with the right colored pillows and throw blankets. There are many little things that can warm up a space but today I am going to mention my top four favorite tricks!



Having additional lighting in your home (other than recessed lights or one centered fixture), will add a lot of warmth. Lighting can change the whole mood of a space and help illuminate certain areas of your home. Lamps are one of the easiest ways to add light and there are so many different styles of lamps out there. String lights add a nice subtle ambience to a room, or even to an outdoor space. Battery operated string lights are great for a mantle or decorative shelf. I like the kind with thin metal wire so you can weave them throughout your display and so the wire is less noticeable. For maximum coziness add candles, lots and lots of candles. Put candles everywhere, try to keep unscented candles in the kitchen and limit the strong scented candles when using a lot in one space. Most of my candles are unscented except one large one on the coffee table. Candles grouped together is an easy way to make a big impact, and a great way to give a faux or broken fireplace a 'real fireplace' look to it. I have a non working wood stove so I got a footed tray from Pottery Barn and then went through their sale candles to create an arrangement of different sized candles on the tray. Also of course natural lighting is best, take advantage of windows and don't block them competely. 



Having plants indoors instantly warms up a space, having plants anywhere actually. They make your space brighter, happier and the air cleaner. I prefer live plants because they are constantly growing and changing. Some are so hard to keep alive so adding in some fake plants still visually warms up a space and you will have those plants forever! One of my favorite indoor plants is a Space Lily, they are large with big white blooms and kill a lot of indoor pollutants. I would always recommend a space lily as they are very hard to kill, they only need to be watered every week or so (depending on the temperature) I just wait to see the leaves drooping and then give them a big drink of water. Most indoor plants that do die, die because of overwatering. Although clipped flowers once dried can be very pretty and some dead potted plants will eventually come back and be beautiful again.



Anything in your house that is personal to you is going to make it feel more like a home. For example my boyfriend and I both love books so we have them displayed all over the house, with a large stack in the living room just on the floor. Also we both love music (mainly Brian) and we have a drum set and five guitars all displayed in our living room. I love having these things on display as they show who we are and give our home more character. Adding family photos throughout your home adds a big personal touch, as they will make your house unique to you and photos really are just moments/memories captured that you can keep forever. Artwork that has meaning to you or even that you created creates is very personal. For a house to feel like a home it has to be personal, colors that you like, pieces that inspire you, family pieces and anything that represents whomever lives in the house.



Adding things with texture will warm up and soften your space. Rugs have a lot of texture, throw blankets and pillows. One thing Brian likes about textured items is they are soundproofing which helps him record music right in our living room. So we have foam hanging on the walls, rug swatches hanging and even a throw blanket hanging under the t.v. we added these thing mainly to sound proof but they also function to warm up the space and give our home a lot of texture. Window treatment are a great way to add texture, I love long drapes for maximum impact and I love to replace closet doors with drapes. For maximum texture and coziness, layer in different types of textures, such as a wool, velvet, silk, leather, natural fibers, faux fur, linen, raw wood and so so much more.