Trimming the Christmas Tree

Whether your tree is real or fake, large or small you will need lots of ornaments to decorate it. Plus garland or tinsel, string lights and a tree skirt! When fully decorating a tree you want to string the lights first (lights with thin wire or green cords will blend in best with the tree), then weave in the garland, next hang large ornaments pushed to the back of the tree as fillers, then breakable ornaments higher up and less breakable ornaments towards the bottom. If you are using tinsel, drape that on last. And don't forget a tree skirt and tree topper if your tree is tall enough to finish off the look.  Also whether it's your first or twentieth, or if you do a themed tree or a more collected tree, it can be fun to add a few new items each year! And 'Cyber Monday' is the perfect day to get them. 15% off your order at Target, up to 70% off select items at Pottery Barn and 20% off at Hallmark site wide!

String lights

Tree Garland

Christmas Ornaments

Ornament Sets 

Tree Skirts

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