New Years Party Decorating!

Decorating for New Years isn't something we typically do every year, especially right after the busyness of Christmas, but it's nice to switch a few things up or a lot if you are hosting a party! And because New Year's Eve is right after Christmas I decided to leave up most of the Christmas decorations and add in some more neutral white & gold decor for New Years, to keep it festive looking without redecorating the whole house. Using some existing decorations is a great way to find new uses for what you already have and play around with rearranging! 

In the kitchen I left the shelf pretty much the same as the Christmas decorations are neutral green and white. I removed the more Christmasy items like my Santa cookie jar and stag salt & pepper shakers. I added a vase of fresh flowers for the party, going with something neutral and elegant I chose eucalyptus and white hydrangeas. This ended up being to large for the table (where I planned on having it) so I put it up in the corner of the kitchen shelf. Then I had to move my larger light up Christmas tree, which I put outside for the party and had it lit up at the top of the stairs welcoming people in. Along with the wreath on the front door lit up and the outdoor porch lights on because the guest were arriving past dark! 

Also in the kitchen we cleared some counter space (which we don't have much of) by moving the toaster, kettle and large dish rack to the closet. Now there's plenty of room for a food and a drink station. I originally was going to have this all set up on the table but Brian convinced me to keep the table clear, add some chairs and use it as a game table! So I used my new beautiful gold and wood drink dispenser from Pottery Barn as the sangria dispenser, it looked great on a black round tray with some festive gold glitter. I'm not a huge glitter fan, but for the holidays I love it, and anything gold I love! I got a little bottle of chunky glitter from Target that was the perfect size and not too hard to clean up, also keeping it on the tray helped eliminate the mess. Next to the dispenser I had a large bowl with ice, a bottle of champagne (to pop open at midnight!) and some mini water bottles. I don't have a fancy ice bucket, and was going to try to find one to borrow but decided to work with what I have and just use a mixing bowl which worked great! Also next to the drink dispenser I set out more than enough wine glasses, and for all the non-stemless glasses I had little wine charms, from Pottery Barn, in gold with jingle bells and a number 1-6. The first few guest that grabbed a glass I just reminded them to notice their number so they won't lose their glass for the night! I would definitely recommend using wine charms if you aren't using disposable cups, and use mini bottles of water/soda/etc. so they don't get wasted! Also on the kitchen counter, opposite the drink station, I had a large cheese platter. With an abundance of crackers, toast, pretzels, cheeses, fruits, meats and rosemary; all inspired by Pinterest of course (foods from Target & Trader Joe's) Last Christmas my sister had gifted me this large beautiful oval platter; and a small matching dish, that I used to hold dinner napkins. Keeping plenty of napkins handy is a great idea! I had some here and a stack on the kitchen table, but should have put out more on the coffee table.

Then in the living room, I have switched up the decorations by taking down the Christmas ornaments, Christmas figures, stockings and stocking holders. I left the tree out with the tree skirt, lights and garland on it to keep it festive! Then on the mantle I put away the garland with rainbow lights and replaced them with plain with Christmas lights. And put my gold decorations back on the mantle with some gold striped and polka dotted party fans from Target, keeping with the holiday look! Gold balloons scattered around added more of a festive party look, and were so cheap and easy! I left the gallery wall with Christmas prints just cause they are fun and festive. I also put away my Christmas Santa pillow and red velvet pillow covers (as they are more Christmasy and to free up more room on the sofa) then I switched out one pillow cover for a light green velvet cover. We have brought more chairs, stools and an ottoman around the couch/coffee table for guest to gather around. I've tried to keep the coffee table pretty empty as it needs room for everyones drinks. So I moved my large tray of candles and faux snow to the front of the living room, and used a new small black & white tray with one black candle (both items from Target) so that and some coasters are all I left on the table. The 'before' Christmas look of you can see in my post "Christmas! Room by Room" And shop at Target here or through the link in the "About" tab.