Christmas! Room by Room

Christmas is the best time of year to go all out on decorations making every room in your home look and feel special. You don't need a huge tree and tinsel in every room to go all out, just have a theme in each room and add some holiday touches. I like the term 'mediumalist' when it comes to design, meaning not too minimalist and not too cluttered and overdone. But for Christmas you can go maybe a step above the middle. One tree in the main living room is plenty, keep it looking put together with ornaments of a similar theme or color palette and pack it out, the more ornaments the fuller and better it will look! Use faux mini trees in other rooms and/or on bookcases, shelves, tables, etc. faux trees are great because you can use them year to year. Skinny strands of lights are an easy way to add interest and don't take up much space. 

I'll start with outside our house and the front door. Our apartment is on the second floor and not facing the street so there isn't much of a reason to decorate the outside, but a little bit to welcome us and guest inside is nice. So I've given my wreath an update by adding a red bow, I switched out my doormat to a more festive one (but that can be used all winter). Some red and green plants by the front door finish off the look. If you wanted to add more decor, string lights are a great option, a small tree with outdoor ornaments, garland, more wreaths and garland on windows, or any holiday figures (such as a light up snowman). I got a wooden Santa head and a doorknob bell hanger from the dollar tree, I love them outside welcoming you in!

Now moving inside to the kitchen. My kitchen is mainly black and white, so it's easy to have a theme in here. I went with a Santa's village look trying to use mostly green and white. A few years ago I purchased a set of 'winter village' salad plates on clearance from pottery barn, and an adorable light up cabin house with snow and bottle brush trees. These two things are really what inspired me to do a Santa's village theme. I knew they would look great together and then filled in with lots and lots of evergreen trees. I used what was my main tree last year, in the corner of the kitchen shelf as it is the tallest item. Then I got two more smaller trees from Target (dollar bin!) that I gave a makeover on by spray-painting the base gold and gluing glitter snow to the branches to match the larger tree. When setting the shelf I hung the fresh garland with string lights first, by using thumbtacks on the edge of the shelf. The garland really makes a big impact and takes up a lot of space, so I did want to overwhelm the look with too much stuff on the shelf (at first I had like ten glasses and a pitcher and six wooden bowls plus all the Christmas stuff). Keeping the theme village in mind, I knew I wanted to use all the trees I had, 3 faux evergreens, 8 wax tree tea-light candles and 4 place card holder cloches with trees and snow inside (and that is already a lot for my little shelf). I chose some pretty painted mugs from Williams Sonoma that match the style of my Pottery Barn plates, and they have a scene of a house and evergreen trees covered with snow or on the other side snowmen and evergreen trees covered in snow. I like that that you can show either side or show some of each. On my newly black table I wanted to lighten it up with a runner, I found a beautiful simple one from Target that is ivory with green stripes pulling in my main colors! The Santa cookie jar I got last year as a gift, is both practical in a kitchen (to hold lots of cookies) and decorative, as he has become my one and only Santa in the kitchen and he's in the center of his village. So of course he needs some reindeer with him, that are also practical because they are salt & pepper shakers. I love the simple white  look of them, and I have paired them with simple white sugar and creamer dishes.

The living room is the room we spend most of our time, so typically thats where the tree goes! I wanted to keep with a Traditional Christmas theme in here! So I used green, red, white and gold as my color palette and used lots of Santa figures. I chose a live tree this year so I needed to place it right in front of a window, which is the perfect spot anyway in the front corner of my living room! On my mantle I left up my potted plants as fillers, and as they just add green they still work with my holiday decor. I strung some faux garland with rainbow lights for a traditional feel (garland was cheap from CVS and can be used every year). I have my same stockings from last year, extra long knit Santa stockings that are from Pottery Barn Kids, and I've given them an upgrade this year with my new stocking holders from Pottery Barn. One is Santa's sleigh and one is a reindeer, so it will be really easy to just add in more reindeer once our family grows! I love that they are an antique bronze color (basically black) and match our existing furniture. Then under my mantle I have my old black desk (that has been moving around the room since I got a new one and again once we got a tree). I've used the desk to create a little Christmas vignette with an oversized vase full of evergreen branches, eucalyptus and red berries; my cute and very traditional Santa figure holding a sack of toys (from Homestead Gardens) then a lantern gets a holiday makeover with some evergreen trimmings and an ivory candle, and to finish off the vignette I have a traditional nutcracker figure that my grandmother created by painting mini flower pots! The bottom of the desk is full of books stacked in different directions to add some interest and warmth but not to distract from the holiday decor. Extra garland is hung above my window to give the tree a visually taller look. I switched out my gallery wall with holiday prints which you can read about here. On the coffee table a gold tray filled with holiday candles and some faux snow has a very traditional look, and some red and green books add more Christmas color. The sofa is full of rich velvet pillows in deep reds and greens, with one accent pillow featuring a traditional vintage Santa holding a lantern and tree! There are two throws on the sofa for added warmth, the caramel faux fur throw adds texture and the plaid throw adds color in traditional style. Extra string lights and candles add more ambiance and can be used all Winter or all year! Mistletoe is hung above the doorway leading into the kitchen as a traditional Christmas addition (and it was less then $2 at Trader Joe's).

In the bedroom I didn't want to go overboard with Christmas decorations so the theme is Warm Winter, with a focus on deep red and green colors. For the bed the more blankets, the better for these cold winter months. I have started with flannel sheets in warm colors, a cozy oversized faux fur blanket as the bottom layer, then our neutral duvet cover with a warm down insert, then a red and green quilt is the accent on top (the colors are Christmasy but the pattern is not so it can be used all season long), and to top it all off another faux fur throw goes on top for added texture and warmth. The euro pillows are faux sheepskin, keeping with the cozy fur look, the standard pillows match my flannel sheets(which are so soft and cozy to sleep on when it's cold outside) and then a deep green velvet pillow in the center pulls the whole look together. I have switched on the blankets covering my beanbag chair for a more wintery look, and used a bold red pillow. The frames have new wintery photos inside and some candles have been switched for more holiday ones.

Christmas in every room wouldn't be complete without the bathroom too. I went with a simple winter wonderland theme in here. My bathrooms colors are already gray and white (with brass) and that made it easy to choose a theme. Using extra ornaments to hang where ever is a great way to add Christmas touches! I wanted to hang these snowflake ornaments from the rings on the shower curtain but we have a tension rod (renter problems) and it keeps falling down. I ended up putting the snowflakes above the mirror, which looks great in the reflection as well, by unscrewing the light bulb and hanging it on the light fixture. I recently bought new light bulbs for in here and as they are a specific large size I ended up having to order them online and then by accident got clear ones that didn't match the existing, turns out I like the clear ones much better so my temporary design fix was to place the clear & white light bulbs in an every-other pattern just like the ornaments! Then I have one more ornament playfully hanging on the door hooks just because it matches the hand towels and it is perfect for the door because it's a soft/lightweight material. I found a cute ring holder/ catch-all dish that is white and brass with a reindeer head from Pottery Barn. I love that it pulls in my favorite colors, is useful in the bathroom and adds a whimsy holiday touch that is neutral enough to use at least all season.